AFT Orphan

The vision of AFT Orphan is to be the leading company in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore providing access to orphan medicines for patients suffering from rare diseases. AFT Orphan is part of AFT Pharmaceuticals Ltd which is a privately owned company with significant established operations in Australia and New Zealand, this ANZ base is now complimented by a developing organization in Malaysia and Singapore.

AFT was founded in 1997 by Dr Hartley Atkinson and focuses on Prescription, OTC and Orphan market sectors where it holds considerable expertise. Since its first product launches in 1998, sales have grown every year to exceed $60 million this year. AFT operates as a full service pharmaceutical company undertaking drug development activities including clinical trials and has a growing portfolio of patented and niche pharmaceuticals which are Med Safe and TGA approved – providing reassurance for physicians, pharmacists and patients that, in an uncertain world, quality has not been compromised.

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